My name is Oral Seymour.Oral Seymour

I call myself “The SEO Grand Poobah” & I live in Brooklyn, NY.

I work for Nelnet Enrollment Solutions which includes properties┬ásuch as, Peterson’s, Essay Edge, ResumeEdge, SmartDegree and Sparkroom.

Married to Onika with two energetic boys, Tyler and Christian.

Studied at Monroe College.

Born on the beautiful island of Jamaica.

I am on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & Instagram


Before Nelnet, I did SEO Consulting and Web Development for small business in the NY/NJ area.

Before that, I was the Internet Presence Manager for PowerSellerNYC. A local electronics retailer. There I handled SEO, web design, paid search, and some third party sales channels including Ebay.

And way, way back, I did web design and SEO for Own A Piece of America, who thought that square inches of land would prove so popular?

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