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I'm the SEO Strategist at Nelnet Enrollment Solutions which includes a group of companies such as, Sparkroom& CUnet I'm a huge fan of Liverpool FC and New York teams such as the Knicks, Mets, Jets and Rangers.

New Beats by Dre World Cup Commerical featuring Neymar Jr.

The commerical features Neymar Jr.,  from Brazil who club team is Barcelona of La Liga Bacary Sagna from France who last year played for Ar [...]

Spartan Race 2014 Citi Field Complete!

Yesterday, I completed my second Spartan Race kept at the home of the NY Mets, CITI field. I’m pretty happy with my time. Last year [...]

Theater previews and ads are getting longer

On May 8th I went to a viewing of 300: Rise of an Empire. I had to endure almost 40 minutes of ads and previews – “First Look [...]

SEO Rankings and How They Benefit Schools

Here is an article I wrote for Colleges, universities, and prospective students love to look at rankings. US News & World [...]

My New 37 Gallon Reef Tank

Here is my first 37 gallon nano reef tank. I think I went overboard with spending for a couple of reasons, I wanted to make sure that becaus [...]

My quick and easy way to battle with green hair algae in my 37 gallon nano reef tank

I have a 3 month old 37 gallon nano reef with an 11 gallon sump that is lightly stocked. In it I have 2 oscellaris clownfish 3 blue/green ch [...]

Google’s Matt Cutts – Article Directories is not the best way to build links in 2014

In a video on the GoogleWebmasterHelp Channel on Youtube, Google’s Matt Cutts answers a question that most of us already know – [...]

This is Scary – AT&T to sell anonymized usage and location data to advertisers

As an AT&T wireless customer this is definitely something I’m keeping my eye on and will be one of the first to opt out. Ironicall [...]
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