My Xbox vs the PS3 review

Early last year, I got rid of my Playstation 3. And now I am ready to take the plunge back to some serious gaming. iPad games, while they can be fun, can only hold my attention for so long. My brother bought me my previous PS3 so I had no opportunity to choose but this time I read as many reviews as I could, blogs, podcasts anything that I thought could provide any insight into which console was better. I read how the xbox had better games, ps3 hardware was better, blu-ray, xbox online - there was so much info it made my head hurt.

It came down to a major reason for each

The PS3 had Blu-ray Most of my friends had Xbox.

I went with the xbox for the above reason, I only purchased 3 Blu-ray movies last year and figured I could get a cheap player on sale somewhere.

I regretted my decision immediately. Even more so than player games I used my previous PS3 as my media center. I rip all my movies to my computer hard drive and copy them to the ps3. Even with the 250gb hard drive in the xbox I can't copy movies to it. I rip my DVDs in full quality and sometimes when streaming them over my home network there is lag and this annoying to both me and my wife. Yes I am using a wired connection, Time Capsule with gigabit Ethernet and even then a couple times a movie, the picture and/or audio would lag. I was also annoyed that I had to pay over $100 extra for the 250 hard drive and it is a proprietary model that can only be upgraded by purchasing it for a markup. With my previous PS3 I just upgraded the hard drive myself.

I cant believe that through all the reviews i read, this was not mentioned once! Copying movies is what did it in for me, why have this huge hard drive it I can't use it. I sold it for a small loss and got a PS3. I love it and my wife loves it.