Google Stock over $500 a share

The No. 1 search engine reached an all-time high, surpassing the $500 milestone for the first time. Google announced discounts for online shoppers who use its payment service, Google Checkout during the holiday season, and there are continued reports that advertising continues to shift advertising online away from more traditional forms such as print and television. Yahoo's stock is also up, just a little, but the public doesn't seem to have a positive outlook on Yahoo. We have been waiting for the Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN) to launch and I like most, have given up hope. With the runaway success of Adsense, why is taking so long with YPN.

I think by the time they are ready to release it, the only people who are going to use it are the one's that are kicked from Adsense for various violations. Are those the webmasters you and your advertisers want using your product?