SEO For Firefox Plugin Review

The SEO plugin for firefox is a useful tool for any webmaster or Search Engine Marketer. When you perform a search in Google or Yahoo the toolbar displays important information below each result. Information Such as

It labels nofollow tags bright red so they can be easily spotted. seo for firefox preview

PageRank, Technorati and Bloglines Links for blog sites, The age of the domain, Thumber of bookmarks ,The number of Yahoo and MSN Links, The number of Yahoo and MSN links coming from .edu and .gov domains, - these links are very valuable, DMOZ entries, The number of pages cached in Google, Yahoo Directory entries and Alexa Rank.

SEO Plugin for Firefox Screenshot The plugin also displays other research tools that are handily displayed under the box where you entered your search term.

below_results.gif The KW Research takes you to the Keyword suggestion tool which I find complicated and offers a lot of information that I can't use. The View Bids Tool shows you the Top overture bid for your searched term. The AW Sandbox, Traffic Estimator and Trends tools all link to the adwords tools; keyword suggestions, bid estimation and search estimates. The lookup tool is also handy when you want to find all information about a site without searching. The tool located in the Firefox Menu at Tools > SEO For Firefox > Lookup Tool.

Click on screenshot below to see a close up of the tool. SEO Plugin results screenshot

However, there is a slight delay from when your search is performed to when the information is shown below the search results. I found this delay more than acceptable for the convenience of having this information all in one place. If you prefer, you can edit the SEO For Firefox plugin options at Tools > SEO For Firefox > Lookup Tool. You can chose which information shows up automatically and which one's you request on demand by clicking on the question signs. question.gif seo_options.gif

Click to see screenshot above to see the SEO For Firefox Options

All these tools are valuable to anyone interested in SEO. I personally use all these tools although I they are scattered among different sites. It's nice to have them combined. Tested on Firefox versions 1 and 2 and of course its not available for Internet Explorer. You can get the SEO For Firefox Plugin here