Stop obsessing with Pagerank

I am tired of reading about Pagerank in every SEO forum and article, people have become obsessed with it and waste their time when Pagerank is a very small part of the complete SEO puzzle. I usually work on getting links that are going to bring the most traffic. These are usually the most relevant links. I try to explain Pagerank to people this way, some get it some don't, some never will. I usually give up after the third attempt.

  • You can pay an unreasonable amount of money to get 100 links from Pagerank 5 and Pagerank 6 sites
  • Your pagerank will probably then grow to 5 or 6 in a few months
  • If those links were not from sites that are related to yours, then they will not have a huge impact on your site rankings in the SERPs.

Your Pagerank will grow as long as you have incoming links, but the links from unrelated sites do not help your rankings. These are the type of sites are dropping like anchors with every SERP update.

You every wonder how a site with lower PR and a lot less links thank yours keep outranking you....take a closer look. His links might be less but they are more targeted than yours.