1 Year is an Eternity in the SEO Industry

I have a partner that took about a year off from SEO to take another job. The other job required all his time so he wasn't even able to browse forums and keep up with the new trends. I can't blame him, the other job was paying a lot more. He is now back and while in a meeting yesterday I realized what a difference just a year makes in this industry.

  • Link exchange was still high on his link building list. When I calmly explained to him why link exchanges shouldn't be at the forefront of your link buulding, a few hours later he came up with the brilliant "new" idea of three way linking.
  • He was still stuck in the dreaded "cult of PR", where he concentrated on building his site's PR and getting links from high PR and not necessarily related sites.
  • The rel=nofollow tag dumbfounded him because all his "easy linking" techniques will be rendered useless.
  • He was using IBP to measure the keyword density on a page, sorry pal, the industry moved past that to Latent Sematic Indexing.

I told him to get in the forums and do some reading. I also recommended he register for the 2007 Search Engine Strategies conference in New York.