A 2006 website traffic analysis

I was analyzing the 2006 traffic for one of my websites and I learned a few things. According to Google Analytics, one of my websites got approximately 120,000 unique visitors in all 2006. The website was officially launched in October 2005 but the domain was registered from July 2005.

The things that stand out to me,

I got less than 20% of my visitors from Google and Yahoo, less than .05% from MSN. Almost no traffic from MSN. This is true for almost all the websites that I manage. Does anyone use MSN these days? Almost 60% of my visitors came from people clicking on links.

My secrets: none...when I am doing SEO and optimizing any website I always try and get links that will bring the most traffic and are relevant to visitors. Links for SEO are secondary, and I almost never exchange links or get links solely on the basis of PR (Google PageRank).