Adlogger is Dead

I found out through a thread on DigitalPoint Forums today that adlogger is dead. I didn't want to believe so I did a couple tests myself to confirm this. Here is a quote from the Grown up Geek blog.

"Unfortunately the development of AdLogger has been put to a halt. Due to some recent changes in the Google AdSense program, AdLogger has been rendered inaccurate and useless. Despite the best efforts to circumvent these changes and maintain a high level of accuracy, our developers could not come up with a solution."

A post on the main Adlogger site, a post recommends ClickAider as an alternative. ClickAider is an analysis tool that helps publishers maximize revenues from Pay-Per-Click Advertisements.

On the the same DigitalPoint thread, Terabite, a highly respected member of the forums, recommends Bad Behavior. It is a script that can block most/all 'bots'. It was made for spam-bots, but it blocks virtually any automated bot and would probably help protect you against clickbots.

I am currently testing both ClickAider and Bad Behavior and I'll review both scripts after I've gaged their effectiveness.