Adwords PPC Trick - Automatically insert searched keyword in ad title

I am a relative newcomer to adwords. I recently learned a simple yet effective Adwords trick.

All you need to do is to use the following tag in your ads title (or anywhere else you choose). There is a "Backup Phrase" part will be used if the keyword phrase searched for is too long. There are two formats:

{keyword:Backup Phrase} will use the phrase as it's typed, which is usually lowercase. So a real ad might look like:

{Searched Term will be Here:Search Engine Optimization} Organiz Search Optimization Proven ROI. Get real results.

Here's another trick. {KeyWord:Backup Phrase} will capitalize all the words in the phrase despite how it's typed.

With this method some of my ad groups saw an increase in CTR and that traffic is converting well. My ad is not consistenly in the top 3 and this helps my ad stand out.