Ebay, Owners of Skype Removes All Auctions with JAJA Buttoms Widget

All my Ebay auctions were recently taken down and it took me a few days to find out exactly why. I am using the JAJA buttoms widget on my Ebay auctions. I got the following message from Ebay

“The listing was removed because it violated the eBay Inappropriate Links policy … links or other connections to live chat systems are not permitted.”

Not what I consider a clear answer and I had to email them and wait 2 days for a response.

I think I know why Ebay decided to do this, JAJA is a competitor to Skype, and Skype isn't exactly doing well. Yes, they have millions of registered users but recently Ebay had to take a 1.4 Billion writedown because of Skype.

Before JAJA, I tried using the Skype widget on my auctions and over a 4 month period not one buyer used it. When I used the JAJA widget, I recieved about 10 calls per day. It had a positive impact on sales. You can customize the JAJA widget to match the look and feel of your auction or website and you can set available hours.

Ebay overpaid for Skype, it isn’t integrating well, so they need to protect their investment by stiff arming competitors out of othe market.

This is just one of the many reasons why more and more of Ebay's top sellers are looking for other sales channels.