Google doesn't have something personal against you

This is my first real rant for 2007. Google doesn't have a personal vendetta against any webmaster, nor do they hate you or despise you. Many people complain in forums and seem to forget that Google, Yahoo and the other search engines do not owe us anything. If your site is losing rankings and traffic then it can only be a couple reasons

  • You are using shady or black hat techniques and you are caught so your site is being penalized. In this case you are guilty so please don't delete the hidden text or redirect script and then post that you don't know why your site is being banned on Digitalpoint or Site-Reference forums. I can easily use Google's cache to see what was on your site before you deleted it.
  • If your site falls into oblivion after an update, this means that one or more techniques that you were using has been devalued by the search engines. It doesn't bode well for you that you were so dependent on one SEO technique.
  • If your site is slowly falling, it is more than likely your competition is doing better SEO than you are. If a page is climbing then another page has to fall, it just sucks that it is you.

Your Joel Comm bought seo optimized adsense templates and "unique" content are next to impossible to rank. Do the web a favor and start a website about something you actually know about. Think about it for a minute, If you bought a CD that was sold to 200,000 other people - how can the content be unique to your site?