Google now offering spyware warnings

I came across a spyware warning page while doing some research on a new client's website recently. The page appears when you click on a result in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages), and actually prevents you from continuing on the the page unless you enter the result manually. In the last three weeks he noticed a dramatic drop in search engine traffic even though his website still had its usual keyword positions. The client was furious when I showed him this message and blamed google for incorrectly labeling his website. After some research and help from a friend of mine who is a programmer, we found some javascript code embedded in the website header that was loading script from a remote address. We are still not sure what the script was designed to do but we have a good idea how it got there and the working relationship with the offshore Polish programmer was terminated. We have followed the neccessary procedure to have this sign removed and we are now waiting on final word to have the page removed.

The appeals process could use some work, all I recieved was an automated e-mail from said it would reply within 10 business days.

Matt Cutt said on his blog he has recieved many complaints from webmasters that they don't have any badware and he has yet to see any false positives.

You can see a snapshop of the google warning page by clicking the thumbnail below. google stop badware warning message