I'm going back to Tiger....sorry Leopard

As I write this on my Windows Vista machine (which is a whole different sad topic). I just erased Leopard and I am reinstalling Tiger on my Macbook Pro. It was really getting to annoy me.

  • The airport controls were erratic at best and refused to show networks around me, even though I know that networks existed, it refused to connect to any of them.
  • The firewall does not work, even when you tell it to deny all connections. I tested and it still was allowing incoming connections. I work with sensitive files and sometimes I have to use public networks to access email and I can't afford a security breach, for my sake or my clients'.
  • Photoshop works but always hangs, Dreamweaver works but always hangs. I know that many people have these programs working fine but it is not working on mine and I tried everything to get them working.
  • My first installation of Leopard I did an upgrade and it worked relatively fine, then I did a clean installation and it refused to allow me to install any dmg archives. I redid the installation and I got the same error. I tested the same dmg files ona macbook running Tiger and they work fine.
  • Most of the heralded improvement in Leopard are not mission critical to me, the iChat screen sharing is nice but not a killer app, I thought stacks would help keep my desktop uncluttered but it is worthless, the reflective dock makes it hard to see which programs are open.

Its been out for a few weeks and I think Apple should have at least fixed the firewall issue. I'm going back to Tiger......I revisit leopard when these little annoying problems are fixed.