Making money from Adsense with a Made for Adsense (MFA) Site

The title of the post caught your attention right? Sorry but this is not another adsense how to post. To make money from adsense, or any other online advertising program, you need to get visitors first. If anywhere from 1% to 5% of visitors click on an ad, then you won't make any real money until you start hitting the 1000 visitors a day threshhold.

To get that you need real and unique content. These made for adsence (MFA) sites, that are sold by Joel Comm and others that are so popular will never ever succeed in earning more than money to buy coffee and maybe some donuts if your lucky. Why?, you might ask.....because they don't have any real and unique content, and so real people won't come back to them. How can a template and content that is sold to 100,000 other people be unique to your site? And no....adding some simple RSS feeds to the bottom of your site does not constitute unique and fresh content when it's also streamed to 1000s of other websites.

Do the web a favor and do not ask silly questions on how to SEO such sites on Digitalpoint or on the Adsense Google Group . You will only make money with good content. Make your site to offer some service or help to people.