Matt Cutts tips for Wordpress Bloggers at WordCamp 2007

At WordCamp 2007, Matt Cutts released a wealth of information for bloggers who use Wordpress

  • Matt stated that Google treats URLs with a query string the same as static URLs. Caveat: as long as there are no more than two or three parameters in the URL, that is! Put another way, you won't take a hit in your Google rankings if you have a question mark in your URL; just don't have more than two or three equals signs in the URL.
  • The number of slashes in your URL (i.e. the number of directories deep your page is) isn't a factor in your Google rankings. He went on to say that although it doesn't matter for Google, it is rumored to matter for Yahoo and MSN (Live Search). This question was asked from the audience.
  • According to Matt, the file extension in your URL won't affect your rankings. So it doesn't matter if you use .php, .html, .htm, .asp, .aspx, .jsp etc. The one extension you should avoid for your Web documents? .exe.
  • Matt stated it was myth that Google uses its status as a domain registrar to access domain registration data to use it as a ranking signal. According to Matt, being a registrar doesn't grant one special access to other registrars' customer data.
  • When asked about how to get one's blog into Google News, Matt shared one of Google's requirements for inclusion: the blog must have multiple authors. So you know what to do to get into Google News!

Another interesting thing he recommended was that we shouldn't put blogs at the root of the domain. What if you want something besides a blog? Some people link to a main page and a main blog page so you have a chance of getting extra links.

Hmmm. I guess that's why his blog is at I remember some time ago when you visited his site it would redirect to the blog directory...needless to say it doesn't anymore and he has just some text with a link to his blog.

You can find a more detailed layout of his presentation at the WordCamp Report, covering topics such as the plugins he uses, usability, moving to a new domain, free domains and getting known