My Very First Apple. A 15 inch Macbook Pro

safari now runs on windowsI recently bought my first Mac computer. A Macbook Pro. Core 2 Duo with 2 Gigs of ram and 256mb of video ram. It is the best investment I have ever made. Even though I only bought the computer a week ago I am already seeing the benefits.

I work with large files and I didn't have to spend any time running a virus scan or defragmenting the computer every few days. I get more than 3 hours of battery life! I was getting less than 45 minutes from my Wintel Lenovo Thinkpad and Compaq Presario.

The magnetic power adapter is ingenious! As someone who is tall and somewhat clumsy, I trip over the power cable all the time, the macbook pro comes with a macnetic power adapter that breaks free from the laptop when it is pulled. I discovered this only after I tripped over the power cord the first day I bought the notebook and the cord disconnected clean without pulling the notebook.

I still use Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Flash and the CS3 versions run great. iPhoto handles photos as easy as iMovie handles all my simple video editing needs. (iMovie is a lot more advanced than Windows Movie Maker.

I installed Boot Camp which in conjunction with a nice program called Parallels Desktop allows me to use Windows XP, anytime I want. To my surprise the only time I went back to windows was to sync my Windows Mobile based 8525 to Outlook before I figured out how to sync in Mac. I haven't been back in Windows since. I honestly thought it would be a messy breakup but I guess I found someone better.

All in all I am $2700 poorer but I have a bigger smile on my face, and a free Ipod Nano via rebate :)