The obsession with Toolbar Pagerank

It pains me once again to have to write another post so quickly about the Toolbar PageRank. Many people concentrate on it so much it becomes an obsession. Any post concerning PR and PR updates gets viewed thousands of times and gets hundreds of reply's on Digitalpoint Forums. It spreads like a wildfire and now it is hard to contain. I have been doing SEO for about a year and a half but the first year was total blindness. I would attend Adtech and the Search Engine Strategies conferences here in New York and even the "SEO professionals" continually quote PR as a vital part of SEO.

I distinctly remember visiting the booth of an SEO company for a quote, The CEO stated that his number one priority was to increase my sites Pagerank from a 2 to a 5.

Now as someone new that was new to SEO at the time that had me obsessed with the Toolbar Pagerank for a year. It wasn't until I reached a PR of 6 and the traffic was still minimal then I realized that something was wrong here.

For the record that un-named SEO company's site was kicked out of Google and a couple years later they don't even rank in the top 500 for the company's name. Just to show you the kind of credibility they have.