Oral Seymour's blog tag

I've been tagged by David Harry aka the Gypsy and its my turn to return the favor. Let me start by saying a a little about me. I guess by now everyone knows my name Oral Seymour and I'm originally from Montego Bay, Jamaica. I've been living in Brooklyn, NY for the last 11 years. I went to college at Monroe College and graduated in 3 years with a Bachelor's Degree in Information Systems. I'm currently pursuing my Master's Degree at the famous Brooklyn College.

I've been doing SEO for about a year and a half. I've been doing it seriously for the past 6 months. The first year I thought SEO was mainly link exchanges, directory submissions and comment spam, (I still cringe about the spamming I did with a program call blog comment blaster)

Most of what I know I learned from watching others and in the Digitalpoint and Site-Reference forums.

I'm a workaholic but outside of work I watch baseball, (let's go mets) football and I love movies.

That's it for me.

The blogs I read the most are Darren Rowse over at Pro blogger, Matt Cutts but he doesn't need a link. I also check out I got Spam for the latest in spam news

oral seymour and adrian foster of new age innovators

Adrian Foster, left and me, Oral Seymour, to the right. The New Age Innovators