Apple's Safari Browser is now available for Windows

safari now runs on windowsThe Safari web browser is now available for Microsoft Windows.

I rarely used Mac's in the past but I was always impressed by the way colors were displayed. Somehow they were more vibrant. I just downloaded the beta 3 version from and I must say the the colors look better than Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera.

As a web developer, I want to thank Apple because I can now check how my site will look in every browser without calling or asking friends. If this also manages to boost the market penetration of the open source, standards compliant web browsers at the expense of IE, then as a web developer I'm all for it. Safari is even better behaved than Firefox when it comes to obeying the CSS specifications.

If you noticed that the graph compares the newest version of Safari with Firefox 1.0.2 (3.0 is being released soon) and Internet Explorer 5.6 (hasn't been used for over four years). That is because the web page hasn't been updated with the Windows Safari beta yet. That comparison is between OS X Safari and IE 5 – the last version of IE that was released for the Mac.

I don't expect this version to be perfect and I am not thinking of switching my everyday browser to safari, but I like what I see so far.