SEO Questions and Answers for Monday February 12th 2007

These are some of the SEO questions that I was asked over the past week. As usual things are simple. I have been hanging out in some SEO forums with members who are relatively new to SEO. What is a backlink?

Backlinks are usually used to refer to links on other sites that are pointing to yours. These sites link back to yours hence the term backlinks (I just made that up but it sounds legit doesn't it?)

I have links on my website that are irrelevant to my website theme. Is this going to hurt my rank in search engines? Could I be doing better if I was linked to similar sites like mine?

As long as you are not linking to a bad or banned site then it won't hurt your rankings, however, I'm a firm believer that linking to a related site helps in SEO. It might be a very small piece of the total puzzle but it helps anyway.

How often should I submit our website to the Search Engines? Does resubmitting our url improve our ranking? resubmitting our site cause our site to be banned?

You don't need to resubmit your site to the search engines. Once they index your site they will revisit periodically to see if your site still exists. How often they revisit depends on your total number of links and the sites that links to you. It will not improve your rankings and I have never seen or heard any solid proof that resubmitting can hurt your rankings although I don't recommend you resubmit once your are indexed.

I have seen lots webmasters buying signature links in forums. Are signature links helpful for SEO?

I think signature links are more useful for traffic, especially in a high traffic forum. I think they can be easily detected and they have very little to no SEO value.

Can you review my site and my top 10 SEO questions to avoid. The site is here

You need a new design, I nominated you for worst of the web. It funny that you recommend not using a free host yet you are using one, i guess you don't follow your own advice.

Can the length of the URL be to long for some SE's? For example: Can the depth of directories have an effect as well? I've been having a very difficult time getting indexed by Yahoo, and I'm thinking that maybe this could be one of the factors?

The depth of your page can have an effect on the page getting index and crawled regularly. Sometimes you need to layout your site in a categories and this cannot be avoided. In this case, try and keep your most important pages as close to your homepage as possible and get other sites to deep link to these pages.

I just feel like it really is not right to get 98% of my site into Google's supplemental basket. Anyone here knows how to make a Re-Inclusion Request to Google? Do we contact them via yahoo or google?

Having pages in supplemental index is not a penalty so you do not need to file a reinclusion request. Since the supplental index is a part of Google then I think you would want to contact them and not Yahoo. To get your pages out of supplemental, first make sure that they have enough unique content on them, unique titles and descriptions and then get deep links pointing to these pages. Wait a few weeks and you should see a difference. I must note that having pages in supplemental is not all that bad. I do and I still recieve organic search engine traffic to them.