Simple SEO Questions and Answers for 1/29/07

I decided to start a new section. Q and A. I will post some of the questions that I am asked by email or in forums from the previous week. Keeping with the theme of the blog, I will keep things simple and easy to understand, the more difficult stuff I will hand off to David Harry over at How do I increase my pagerank?

I put it at the top of the list but I’m not even going to bother and answer this one….The Toolbar Pagerank is worthless, please don’t waste your precious time worrying about it. Matt Cutts says it's at least 3 months outdated. It is just a by product of a good SEO and a good linking campaign.

When is the next Pagerank update?

See the answer to question #1

Is the $299 annual fee for the Yahoo Directory worth it?

If your budget allows for it then I say go ahead….Not a lot of people know this but the Yahoo Directory accepts free submissions for non-commercial sites. The review process takes a few weeks and only a few are accepted but its worth a try. Apply here.

I am ranked top 15 to 20 in Google for my top keyword and I receive more traffic than a number 3 ranking in MSN.

I can’t give you a definitive answer for this one. I have seen this phenomenon on many occasions. It leaves me scratching my head wondering if anyone still uses MSN? Just kidding....people do. IAfter doing a quick and I reiterate very quick analysis from the internet stats that I have available to me, the keywords used in MSN searches show that most MSN searchers are relatively new to the internet. I've even heard rumors that most of the people that use MSN Search are computer newbies that just fire up the Internet Explorer browser and search MSN since it’s the default page. Or it could simply be the fact that MSN has only 11% of the US search market. If you have a better theory, please let me know.

I paid twice for the $19.95 submmission service to 1000 directories and search engines and two months later I still can’t find my site in Google.

LMAO….I’m sorry to be the one to tell you but you got ripped off. You don’t need to pay to get your site indexed in Google, All you need to do is get a couple of links pointing to your site. I'm also taking a wild guess here that most of the "directories and search engines" that your site was submitted to were spammy free for all link pages that the search engines hate. You only need to worry about Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Does file extension affect the search engine ranking in any way? Is server side programming language we use important to rank high in the search engine? Will pages with .php extensions rank as well as pages with .html extensions?

The file extension and server side technology has no effect whatsoever on search engine placement.

A Toolbar Poem by the Gypsy

Oral my friend U try and U try I sit and I wonder – o why? O why? The Cult of PR is stronger than you Just LGB watchers, what can you do?

Both U and I know about toolbars and such We know - in reality - they just don’t mean much So be happy in knowing, wherever U are This ain’t PageRank Mate – It’s ToolBar PR