This annoying Blu-Ray, HD DvD format war.

This format war is really annoying me. I really want to move to high definition but I don't want to get stuck buying equipmentHD Dvd Blueray Copies and hardware for the losing format. And now the studios are starting to take sides, they are choosing to release films on one format or the other. Warner is the only major studio to release on both formats. Here is a rundown of the major points. I got this from listening to TheTechGuy Podcast.

  • A person from Warner said they will be producing both as long as people are buying both
  • Dreamworks and Paramount have been publishing on both formats they have now both gone exclusively with HD-DVD
  • A spokesperson for Paramount stated that authoring BluRay is more difficult.
  • BluRay is outselling HD-DVD by a 2:1 ratio. Casino Royale and 300 are possibly the reason for this. With the market so small, a few titles can manipulate the numbers.
  • Consumers should wait until the new BluRay players out so that you have an Ethernet port for BDLive which will allow you to download trailers, and see extra content. All HD Dvd Players have an ethernet port.
  • BluRay also has a couple of extra layers of copy protection. One of the problems they have run into is BDPlus… immediately the blogs are up in arms because BluRay disks won’t play in some players. Most BluRay players don't have an ethernet port so the firmware can't be updated to support BDPlus.
  • HD-DVD is more forward looking than BluRay, especially when it comes to sound.
  • BluRay uses Java, so manufacturers must code in Java, this makes authoring the disks more difficult.
  • BluRay has only 8 replicating plants while HD Dvd has 32. The only facility that can do 50gb BluRay disks is Sony. This can create a huge bottleneck when studios are trying to meet release dates.

I hope they hurry up and settle this. I am leaning a little towards an HD DvD though.