Using Negative Keywords - Pay Per Click

I was browsing some old posts on this blog and I kept coming across the adword ad below selling engine parts. negative keywords

This brought me back to when I first started advertising using Google Adwords. I didn't know the value of using negative keywords. The advertiser above is obviously targeting engines, engine repair and related keywords. They forgot to add "search engine" as a negative keyword. Someone who is browsing this blog is obviously looking for information about search engines not car engines.

I looked up the site and called the toll free number. I was prepared to leave a message but to my surprise someone answers. I then realized that is was 8:30 Eastern time but the number was a California area code. Even more surprised was the person on the other end as I politely introduced myself and gave a quick tutorial on negative keywords along with some tips and advice to pass along to the person overseeing the adwords campaign.

I remember the growing pains I endured learning Adwords and I was just glad to help :)