Want to unlock a cell phone? Just call the carrier!

Being as clumsy as I am, I am always, dropping and destroying cell phones. I dropped my Treo one time too many and it stopped responding a few days ago. A friend of mine offered me a Blackberry 8700 to use while I took a few days to research and purchase a new phone. There was one problem, the Blackberry was for T-Mobile and I use AT&T. I visited a few wireless stores in Brooklyn, NY and the charge to unlock the phone was rediculous. It ranged from $75 all the way to $120! I tried to use some online services based mostly in the UK that charged anywhere from $10 to $20 but they did not support my phone model or stated that this phone could not be unlocked remotely. I am still waiting for Unlock Telecom to give me my money back. I am giving them ample time to refund me. I don't want to have to call AMEX on them.

My dad uses T-Mobile, I put his SIM card in the Blackberry, then called T-Mobile support and told a little white lie that I just bought the Blackberry and I needed to use it overseas, but the last time I was in Germany (I just picked a random country), it said unauthorized SIM. I was emailed an unlock code and instructions in about 10 hours. I am writing this post from that Blackberry 8700.

That's what the store was charging $90 for? The explanation I was given was that the phone was encrypted and it takes more work, usually charge is about $50. Shame on you GSM Wireless. (located on Flatbush Avenue between Church Avenue and Caton Avenue in Brooklyn, NY 11226)