Ebay now offering feedback revision

With little fanfare eBay is now offering sellers the ability to request that a buyer changes negative or nuetral feedback. I'm sorry to report that positive feedback with a low number of stars are not eligible.  It is only available with the following rules

  • You can send a limited number of Feedback revision requests per calendar year. For every 1,000 Feedback scores you receive in a year (positive + neutral + negative) you’re eligible to send 5 Feedback revision requests.
  • You can request only one Feedback revision per transaction.
  • Feedback you received more than 30 days ago does not qualify for revision.
  • Feedback left by currently suspended users do not qualify for revision.
  • You should report any buyer who demands goods or services not offered in your listing in exchange for Feedback.

You should probably only request a Feedback revision only after you’ve resolved the problem with the seller because you only get one chance.

When you click on the request feedback revision page, It gives you a list of feedback that are eligible for revision.

While this is a step in the right direction, Sellers are still hancuffed when they encounter a bad buyer, all we can do is report them to eBay and wait. So far I have reported 5 buyers for trying to extort items from me and while I got a response that the problem was dealt with, All 5 are still buying and selling on Ebay.

Use this link to get started http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ReviseFeedbackInitiate