Google Adwords now allowing beer and hard alcohol ads

Google is now allowing ads promoting alcohol and beer sales. I'm guessing one of the reasons for the change is the economy, financial and auto companies particulary are some of the biggest spenders in online advertising and they are particularly hit hard by the current downturn. The ads must promote brands or information, ads directly promoting the sales of alcohol are not permitted. Read directly from the Adwords Blog.

To comply with the updated hard alcohol and liqueurs policy, advertisers must promote the information about hard alcohol and liqueurs that their websites contain, such as recipes and brand messages. Ads that directly promote the sale of hard alcohol and liqueurs are still not permissible through our program. In contrast, advertisements for beer may directly promote its sale.

For example, under the hard alcohol and liqueurs policy, you might market to individuals searching for helpful and relevant alcohol-related information by promoting holiday cocktail ideas or the caloric content of popular spiked beverages. Under the beer policy, you might state a specific sales promotion for a great winter ale.

Hard alcohol and beer manufacturers can now take advantage of online holiday traffic and initiate campaigns that appeal to their target audiences.