Iron Man - the movie and the power of social networks

This last Saturday I went to watch the Iron Man movie, at the AMC at Times Square. It was a great movie and Robert Downey Jr. gave a great performance. After the movie was over I noticed that a little less than half the theatre moved towards the exits. Usually there is a mad dash for the exits when a movie ends, especially at Times Square. I heard someone whispering that there was some extras after all the credits. I remember someone telling me of extras after each of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies ended and I decided a few minutes of waiting couldn't hurt.

There was some extras after the credits and I don't want to spoil it for anyone by telling what it is. I went up to a group of about 20 young people, they looked like high school age and inquired about how they knew about the extras at the end of the credit. Most of them said someone posted it on their facebook or myspace profiles. Most of them couldn't remember who specifically posted it.

I found this incredibly interesting since the movie was just out for less than 24 hours. I wondered how many people learned about the extras from social networking.