Microsoft Live Cash Back?

I heard the news and read a few blogs about the new Microsft Live Search Cashback program where you can get up to 25% of your purchases back if you use Live Search and click on a sponsored listing with the Live Search Cashback Logo.

I was looking at an eBay auction for a HP tc4400 tablet pc and in the auction the owner outlined the steps to take to get cash back.

I went to, did a search for "cheap tablet pc". I saw an ad on eBay with the cashback logo. I clicked on it and went to an ebay search page for tablet pc. Once you get into eBay from the cashback link, you can make any purchase and still be eligible for the cashback. I browsed to tablet pc, clicked on my auction, used the buy it now, all throughout the checkout process they assured me that my purchase was eligible. Once I was finished sending payment with Paypal, I was asked to create or link my current Microsoft Live account in order to see my rebate status.

So for an $850 dollar laptop my refund amount is $212.....not bad....

Well my current status says I will receive my rebate in 60 days. I'll will update this post when I actually receive the money

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