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Myspace starting to implement Google Gears

Myspace, the largest online social network started to implement Google Gears, which enables offline access to services that normally only are available online. I recently installed Gears in my browser and I got a popup notification while I was checking my myspace messages. Instead of having to scroll through pages and pages of messages, I can now sort by date, from, status (read/unread) or subject. And, more importantly, I can also search the full text of messages. The results are shown instantly without actually refreshing the page.

Myspace Google Gears

Any user with at least 5,000 mail messages in their inbox will be prompted with the option of installing Gears and using the new system. Also, any MySpace user that has already installed Gears will have the option of using the new system.

Don't get your hopes too high, they haven't activated any of the offline access as yet so for now all we have is the sorting.

Google Gears is beta software offered by Google to enable offline access to services that normally only are available online. It installs a database engine, on the users computer. Google Gears-enabled pages use data from this local cache rather than from the online service. Thus Google Gears enables web applications to work even though access to the network service is not present.

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