New Updates to the eBay feedback system July 10th 2008

I'm sure I'm not the only one that saw this coming.

July 10, 2008

Dear eBay member,

In May, we made significant changes to the eBay Feedback system to increase buyer confidence and improve buyer and seller accountability in the marketplace. I encourage you to review the changes, especially those designed to hold buyers accountable and provide sellers protection in the new system.

When we made the changes, we said we would closely watch the impact and, if needed, make adjustments. Today, we announced the following two adjustments:

  • Neutrals will no longer count as part of the Feedback percentage. Since we introduced changes to the Feedback system in May, 2008, buyers have significantly decreased the amount of neutral Feedback they are leaving for sellers. Now less than 0.5% of all Feedback left is neutral, and this percentage continues to decline. Since we have removed the ability for sellers to leave negative Feedback, we are confident that buyers are leaving neutrals to represent a neutral experience and not to avoid retaliatory negative Feedback.All customer Feedback percentages will be recalculated retroactively by late August.
  • We will provide buyers with the ability to revise Feedback left for sellers. Everybody makes mistakes—buyers and sellers alike. Buyers should be able to change Feedback if they make a mistake or if the seller rectifies a problem in a timely manner. Unlike Mutual Feedback Withdrawal, buyers will be able to revise the Feedback, with this new process not just withdraw the rating.There is a difference in the buyer experience when a buyer receives the item as expected the first time, so, we will limit the use of the tool so that sellers who make fewer mistakes can be differentiated from sellers who make more mistakes.
More detailed information will be available this fall.

The Feedback system will continue to evolve as a tool that helps buyers evaluate sellers and helps sellers to improve their performance.

Brian Burke Director, Global Feedback Policy