Jailbreaking/Unlocking my iPhone 3g with 2.2 OS

I always thought that jailbreaking and unlocking the iPhone was one and the same thing. I learned today that they were different. I finally decided to take the leap after seeing my brother use a tethering app that I thought would be useful. I used PwnageTool_2.2, and followed all the instructions and it jailbroke my iphone 3g with 2.2 software. During the process Cydia, which seems like an application repository/installer was also installed on the phone, I used this to install IphoneModem 2.0, I tried for hours on end but couldn't get the app to work. I was browsing through the networking applications section on Cydia and found PDAnet. It had a two week trial process and then it goes into reduced functionalitty, this kind of annoyed me since IphoneModem 2.0 was free. After checking some review online I tried PDAnet and it worked perfect on the first try. I don't know what I'll be using after 2 weeks because the $30 price tag is pretty steep.

I decided to try the unlocking process on my old iphone 2g and I must have done somethign wrong because the phone is officialy bricked!!