Colorado Student Pays Tuition One Dollar at a Time


I found this hilarious story published on January 15th in The New York Times about this University of Colorado student that paid his entire tuition bill of $14,309.51 using  using dollar bills, a 50-cent piece and a penny. Nic Ramos said he initially started doing it because it was a joke then realized it was an absurd amount of money. It took Mr. Ramos two days to withdraw the money from several banks. He said that when he walked into the bursar’s office on Friday morning with a 33-pound duffel bag full of cash, the tellers were stunned.

The best quote came from a University of Colorado spokesman that said that Ramos' future earning potential with a college degree couldn't fit in a duffel bag.

Yeah but that is still  $14,000 a semester - 2 semester a year for 4 years that brings a total of at least $112,000 for fours years of college!