My Xbox 360 vs Playstation 3 Review


[learn_more caption="Update - I changed my mind!" state="open"] On Black Friday 2011 I managed to score an X-Box 360 with Kinect Bundle from Walmart for $199 with a $50 Gift Card. My wife really pressured me because she wanted to play Dance Central. I must say that we are now playing the X-Box 360 more and the PS3 is sitting idle. I bought FIFA and NBA 2k12 for the Xbox.[/learn_more] Early last year, I got rid of my Playstation 3. And now I am ready to take the plunge back to some serious gaming. iPad andiPhone games, while they can be fun, can only hold my attention for so long. I got my previous PS3 as a gift so I had no opportunity to choose but this time I read as many reviews as I could, blogs, podcasts anything that I thought could provide any insight into which console was better. I read how the Xbox 360 had better exclusive titles, ps3 hardware was better, Blu-ray, Xbox online community - there was so much information available it was hard to take it all in.

It came down to a major reason for each

  • The PS3 had Blu-ray
  • Most of my friends had Xbox 360.

I went with the Xbox 360 for the above reason, I only purchased 3 Blu-ray movies last year and figured I could get a cheap player on sale somewhere.

I regretted my decision immediately. Even more so than player games I used my previous PS3 as my media center. I rip all my movies to my computer hard drive and copy them to the ps3. Even with the 250gb hard drive in the xbox I can't copy movies to it. I rip my DVDs in full quality and sometimes when streaming them over my home network there is a lag and this annoying to both me and my wife. Yes I am using a wired connection, a gigabit ethernet Apple Time Capsule. This happened in the past with my PS3 and I would simply copy the movie over to the PS3's hard drive. I realize this is not everyone's use case but I also liked being able to upgrade my hard drive with any laptop SATA replacement without spending an extra $120 for a proprietary hard drive for the Xbox 360.

I sold the Xbox 360 for a small loss and got my PS3 back. I do miss my friends.