Penguin 2.0 is now Live!

On May 22nd on Episode 199 of This Week in Google with Leo Laport, Matt Cutts confirmed that Penguin 2.0 would be released sometime in the next few hours. We knew it was coming but I was a bit surprised at the announcement, in a previous video he only said "later this summer". I forwarded to the important part of the video and the transcription of what I thought are the important parts of his announcements are below.

He later confirmed it with a tweet

and a blog post

With Google IO, people were paying a lot of attention to developers and the future of search, answering questions, conversational, anticipating questions with things like Google Now, but it's also safe to assume that we continue to work on core search quality so my tip is just to check out Google's Webmaster Videos if you search for webmaster videos we have a channel that's gotten something like twelve million views. So recently for example, we put out a video about what to expect for SEOs and web developers over the coming summer and it's actually going to be a pretty busy summer it'll be pretty eventful so for example, the rest of the world doesn't pay much attention to this stuff but if you're an SEO... Search Engine Optimizer.

We've got an algorithm called Penguin and we're releasing the next generation of Penguin in the next few hours so after I finish up with this program we're going to go back and start to press the red button and it's it's going to have a pretty big impact on web-spam. So if you want to keep up on the latest updates you can search for webmaster blog or web master videos and we'll always be posting updates on those stories.

It is a leap, it's a brand new generation of algorithms, the previous iteration of Penguin would essentially only look at the home page of a site, the newer generation of penguin goes much deeper, it has a really big impact in certain small areas so i think something like 2.3 percent of english queries will be affected to the degree that a regular user might notice so look for that to come out in the next few hours.

If you go to If we put a manual spam action on your site, that is where you'll get a notice. Penguin is an algorithm but if we manually say oh you were cloaking, or selling links to pass pagerank or something like that you'll get a message.