Google's Matt Cutts - Article Directories is not the best way to build links in 2014


In a video on the GoogleWebmasterHelp Channel on Youtube, Google's Matt Cutts answers a question that most of us already know - That article directories are not the way to build links in 2014. The question was

Links from relevant content in article directories - Seen as good or bad? eg. I link my beauty website from a cosmetic surgery article on say, Ezine. Would you do that?

Of course Matt's answer is no.

Now when we think about article directories some are still thinking about sites like Ezine and Goarticles, But how about blogs and sites that basically take a fee to upload any kind of content. They are essentially doing the same thing. They usually have some glaring characteristics;

  • Low editorial standards
  • A try at creating topical value by categorizing and tagging articles.
  • Accepting a fee for links

I'm pretty sure that the same algorithms that negated links from article directories are still working on similar sites today. It doesn't matter that the format (blogs) or back-end platform (wordpress) has changed.

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