My New 37 Gallon Reef Tank

37 Gallon Nano Reef
37 Gallon Nano Reef

Here is my first 37 gallon nano reef tank. I think I went overboard with spending for a couple of reasons, I wanted to make sure that because I was new to saltwater hobby that technology could take some of the burden of my lack of skills and I was sure that I would upgrade to at least a 55 gallon in the near future. This turned out to be a good thing since my wife wants all kind of fish that can't fit in a 37 gallon. My sandbed is between 1 to 3 inches

  • Lights - AI Hydra with Director Module
  • Controller - Apex Jr.
  • 37 Gallon Tank
  • 11 Gallon Sump, I got the aqueon proflex model 1. I have a small refugium with Chaeto to help absorb excess nutrients.
  • I use a Sicce Syncra 3.0 return pump. It is silent and I turned it down to the lowest setting and it does the job.
  • Overflow box is a LifeReef slim model. I could've gotten something a lot cheaper but I read a lot of reviews that this was the best and almost never fails so living in an apartment I chose to go with this.
  • Tunze 9002 Skimmer. This skimmer does an OK job. It was one of the only one's that would fit in my sump. I had the Bh100 but I hated how it looked hanging onto the top of the tank.
  • Powerheads - 1 Vortech MP10 and 1 Korea Nano 425
  • Fish - 2 oscellaris clowns, 3 blue chromis for now.
  • Zooanthids
  • Mushroom Polyp
  • Rose Bubble Tip
  • Birds Nest - had it less than a day
  • Seabae anemone
  • Small mushroom polyp
  • Toadstool Polyp

Cleanup Crew

  • Copepods
  • 1 Emerald Crab
  • 5 Scarlet Hermit Crabs
  • 10 Turbo Snails
  • 4 Electric Blue Hermit Crabs
  • 4 Nassarius Snail

I feed Brine Shrimp, Spirulina Flakes and Cyclop Eeze. I feed the corals Silverside Fish, I make sure to cut them up in real small pieces and feed every other day.

I just won a bout of low PH (opening the windows solved this!)

I love it so far, I always wanted a tank and in 2012 I got a freshwater for a year to get in the groove of being on top of things.

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