My quick and easy way to battle with green hair algae in my 37 gallon nano reef tank

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I have a 3 month old 37 gallon nano reef with an 11 gallon sump that is lightly stocked. In it I have

2 oscellaris clownfish 3 blue/green chromis 1 sebae anemone I rose bubble anenome

A couple weeks ago I started to get some really nasty green hair algae. I got a lot of advice on and other forums on what fish to get, they were either too small for my tank or further research proved that the fish only nibbled on algae and didn't control it.

I tested all the water parameters. Phosphates, Nitrates, Nitrites and they were all within range. I was doing weekly 10% water changes and my skimmer was running a few hours a day.

I decided I needed a cleanup crew. From I purchased

1 Emarald Crab 5 Scarlet Reef Hermit Crabs 10 Astrea Turbo Snails 2 Nassarius Snails 6 Electric Blue Hermit Crabs.

3 Weeks later, algae problem is gone! In fact I now have to clip dried seaweed to supplement their diets so they don't attack my corals.

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