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This is Scary – AT&T to sell anonymized usage and location data to advertisers

As an AT&T wireless customer this is definitely something I’m keeping my eye on and will be one of the first to opt out. Ironicall [...]

My Xbox 360 vs Playstation 3 Review

[learn_more caption="Update - I changed my mind!" state="open"] On Black Friday 2011 I managed to score an X-Box 360 with Kinect Bundle from [...]

Windows Phone 7 commercial might be on to something

In Microsoft new Windows Phone 7 commercials, people are portrayed as being totally obsessed with our phones where we are seen doing redicul [...]

AT&T Switching from Unlimited 3G Data to Tiered Pricing

The honeymoon is over, AT&T has announced that starting June 7th, 2010. They will no longer provide unlimited data to new iPhone users, [...]

My Xbox vs the PS3 review

Early last year, I got rid of my Playstation 3. And now I am ready to take the plunge back to some serious gaming. iPad games, while they ca [...]
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