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Google flags all websites as harmful

Earlier today all searches on Google produced the “this site may be harmful link” next to every search result. It only lasted an [...]

Managing programs that automatically start with your computer

Have you ever taken a glance by the time in the lower right hand of your computer and notice a number of icons sitting there. When you insta [...]

Digital TV transition bill fails to pass in the House of Representatives

The United States House of Representatives did not pass a bill to delay the Digital TV Transition. It looked like a sure bet to pass. The bi [...]

Circuit City's going out of business sale

Yesterday I visited a Circuit City store in the Green Acres mall in Valley Stream, NY. I saw the big signs that said 10 to 30% off. I was di [...]

Jailbreaking/Unlocking my iPhone 3g with 2.2 OS

I always thought that jailbreaking and unlocking the iPhone was one and the same thing. I learned today that they were different. I finally [...]

Google's Chrome browser out of beta today.

Google Chrome came out of beta today. Users can now download it at the official Chrome site. Users who are currently running the beta versio [...]
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