Summer Food Truck Series at the Clark Tower in Memphis TN.

Summer Food Truck Series at the Clark Tower in Memphis TN.

Friday August 17th 2018 while working at the Clark Tower in in East Memphis I had the opportunity to check out a Food Truck Festival. There were 6 different food trucks from all over Memphis and the Mid-South in the parking lot. 

Stanley's Sweet Treats was the last truck I visited as I thought the name meant they served dessert and it was lunchtime. I settled on the Softshell Crab BLT with a side of mac and cheese. The sandwich was amazing - I was waiting on my co-workers to get food and once I took one bite I finished it right there in the parking lot! The mac and cheese was so good it could be a meal all by itself. Like everywhere else in Memphis the people were so friendly and didn't get annoyed when I took way to look to order including asking about every thing on the menu.

One of the reasons I chose Stanley's was because they were proudly displaying their 2018 Midsouth Food Truck Festival Dinner Bell Champion. I had no idea what it meant at the time but they know food in the south and if you win any kind of food award it must be worth something.


The full list of trucks and descriptions are below.

Lynnie's Links

Lynnie's Links & Drinks, founded in 2016 in Memphis, TN, is an innovative new food truck operating in the downtown Memphis core. Lynnie's has embraced the growing popularity of food truck style vending and has developed a variety of unique products that offer an alternative to the current fast food options. Lynnie's has developed an array of freshly prepared, high quality, savory sausages for a new taste experience.

Fiesta Wagon

We know people love food and that's why at the Memphis Food Truck Park, you will be sure to find a vast variety of Memphis made food for breakfast, and lunch. We strive to offer the best customer service for both our food trucks and the community. Why not come out and give us a try? You'll be glad you did.

Say Cheese

We are a local Memphis food truck offering catering services to the Mid-South. We do everything from church social events to private parties or find us a local craft fairs around town

Stanley's Sweet Treats

Stanley's Sweet Street Treats. Try saying that five times fast. It's good practice, though, seeings how this is gonna be your new favorite food truck in Memphis, Tennessee. Here, you're getting hearty Southern-style sandwiches alongside the finest in homemade desserts to curb your hunger on the curb.

SOI number 9

Making Thai street food more available, accessible, and affordable to folks in Memphis and beyond, Soi Number 9 food truck introduces an authentic take on Thai cuisine.

The Soi Number 9 food truck crew thoughtfully prepares our dishes from recipes shared across multiple generations. We offer the best quality proteins and vegetables that we can source, as well as seasonal specials. We can’t wait to share these with you.

The Taste of Tennessee

Southern Breakfast and Lunch Food Truck

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