My name is Oral Seymour

I fancy myself an amatuer photographer


My name is Oral Seymour.

I call myself “The SEO Grand Poobah” & I live in Brooklyn, NY.

I work for Nelnet Enrollment Solutions which includes properties such as,Peterson’sEssay EdgeResumeEdgeSmartDegree and Sparkroom.

Married to Onika with two energetic boys, Tyler and Christian.

Studied at Monroe College.

Born on the beautiful island of Jamaica.

I am on FacebookLinkedInTwitter & 

Before Nelnet, I did SEO Consulting and Web Development for small business in the NY/NJ area.

Before that, I was the Internet Presence Manager for PowerSellerNYC. A local electronics retailer. There I handled SEO, web design, paid search, and some third party sales channels including Ebay.

And way, way back, I did web design and SEO for Own A Piece of America, who thought that square inches of land would prove so popular?